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6 Podcasts Where You Feel All the Feels

Podcasts are the perfect escape for those days you just want some alone time, or are maybe strapped for cash but want to listen to some awesome women talking about stuff that matters. Podcasts can be your friend, your educator or just someone to make you laugh. Ranging from discussions around consent and body image, to gender norms, race, nerd culture and general feminist stuff. You’ll never be bored again!

1. No Chill

Hosted by wonderful feminist writer Madison Griffiths and cunning comedian and Pedestrian TV presenter Lucinda Price, this six-episode series is not to be missed. The series deals with all things internet and all things mental health and how they intersect: hate tweets, patriotic uncles making their profile picture an Australian flag, being ‘Insta-famous’ and the perils and perks that come along with being a popular social media persona. The hosts make their way through an array of unapologetically honest guests who discuss how they’re making waves both on and offline and some of the undeniable effects being in the limelight can have on your mental health.

Some of their guests include the Bachelor’s very own Osher Gunsberg, absolute queen Flex Mami, and Insta-famous model Steph Claire Smith. You won’t regret listening.

 2. The New Age of Consent- Crossing the Line 

In this podcast, actress, broadcaster, activist and all-round force to be reckoned with, Jameela Jamil, tackles all things consent. In this series, Jameela highlights the importance of treating consent not as a privilege but a right, the constant failure of sex education to include consent in their curriculum, and insightful and powerful conversations with diverse guests who speak to their own experiences with consent (or lack of)  reflecting on the all too common occurrence of men ‘Crossing the Line’. While you’re at it listen to Jameela as a guest on Ways to Change the World talking about the damaging effects of airbrushing and the promotion of weight loss campaigns, celebrity endorsements and general vanity.

3. Made of Human with Sofie Hagen

London-based Dutch comedian Sofie Hagen talks to body positivity advocate Megan Crabbe, creator of ‘Bodyposipanda’ and author of Body Positive Power. They tackle privilege, dieting, eating disorders, wanting to be thin, fatphobia, Megan’s experiences with anorexia and the influence of the media among other things, in a hilarious yet heartfelt conversation.

The topics they cover are incredibly important, especially in the current social media environment and the potential mental health repercussions of influential ‘Pro Skinny’ marketing. They determine, in a laid-back but powerful chat, that loving your body can be revolutionary.

4. Black Girl Nerds

A safe space to nerd out on all the latest pop culture, particularly for women and girls of colour who are so often underrepresented in the tech field. The podcast is hosted by Jamie Broadnax, a film junkie and a podcast warrior, discussing all things nerdy, along with discussions about race and patriarchy and the role that they play in nerd culture. Jamie recently interviewed the cast members of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, the makers of the film ‘Fast Colour’ which follows the story of three magical black girls with superpowers, and the cast of ‘Jinn’ a coming of age story that explores Black Muslim identity, along with many others.

We’re obsessed!

5. The Left Ovaries

A podcast hosted by three pairs of sisters who want to be your BFF (Best Feminist Friend), tackling the stuff women have to deal with on the daily. The series started four years ago and has since created three seasons that deal with topics ranging from sexual assault awareness, our bodies, the patriarchy, porn, being a teenager, gender norms, the male gaze, activism, motherhood and all the things in between. It’s funny, it’s relatable and it’s real.

In this episode they talk to Cristina, a 17-year-old transgender girl living in the Bay Area, USA – don’t miss this one!

6. No Feeling is Final  

Presented by writer Honor Eastly, self-appointed ‘professional feeler of feelings’, this memoir show explores Honor’s experiences with mental health issues, feeling suicidal and how she deals with feelings when the feels aren’t too positive. The series is a heart-wrenchingly honest account of suicide, told in such a way that is both full of sorrow and despair, but will also make you laugh as Honor tells her story in such a sincere way, hiding nothing from her listeners.

It is recommended to start the series from the first episode ‘00: Hi, My Name is HONOR’. This series deals with some heavy stuff, so only delve in if you’re feeling mentally up to it. Honor suggests planning to do something nice for yourself once you finish the podcast because you’ll most likely be dealing with a lot of feels.

Written by guest blogger Alice Chambers

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