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Bonnie Support Services

A footpath to possibilities

We wanted to give a shout out this month to some of people and organisations that make a difference to what we can do here at Bonnie’s.

The Footpath Library is one of them. They help our work here so much by providing free books for the women and children we work with.

The Footpath Library is manned by a group of volunteers.  They collect books from the public and publishers, and then distribute them to people who might otherwise go without the luxury of a good book. And the learning that comes with it.

The Footpath Library replenishes our bookshelves every month and it’s always exciting to open the box that magically arrives at our door and discover the variety of titles inside it.  Our clients often treasure the books they find  and they’re free for the reader to keep. Books are a way for the woman and children to escape for a short while or to learn something new. They can teach English skills and educate children about other families. They form part of the building blocks to a new life as they become part of the new possessions of the families.

One boy, when he first arrived at Bonnie’s, wasn’t engaging with our Family Worker. He just wanted to sit on the computer. On discovering he loved dinosaurs, the worker found a dinosaur book and gave it to him. He now connects so well with her AND continually asks if there are any new dinosaur titles for him to see.

The women benefit from the books in different ways. One enjoys the professional development books and has the books all laid out to read and learn from them. Another reads the books to her toddler daughter. (She loves Peppa Pig and Dora the most!) It is beautiful to see the interaction between mother and daughter.

The Footpath Library aims “to enrich the quality of life for homeless people, encourage literacy and promote a society that is well informed about homelessness”. You can read more about their great work here.  Or watch the video below.

Thank you so much to the Footpath Library for nourishing the lives of the families of Bonnies.

Written by Sandra, Administration Officer

Society – Food for the Mind & Soul from Shane McLachlan on Vimeo.

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