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A home to call our own

A couple of years ago, I met a woman in Tasmania. She had just found a permanent home after couch surfing with relatives and friends for months following the breakdown of her marriage.

She was so happy to be settled again and for her family to be able to start living ‘normally’.

When I asked her what she was enjoying most about having a home of her own, she thought for a long time before answering. I expected her to say ‘privacy’ or ‘safety’ or ‘having our own beds’. But she didn’t…

She said it was having a letterbox again. Yes, a letterbox! She told me that walking to it every morning was her very favourite thing: even if there was nothing it. She said she thought it told the world that she had a ‘place’ again: she had landed.

I was remembering this story after watching these new videos from NRMA about what home means…. There are some beautiful stories on This is My Home and an invitation to contribute a story of your own.

The stories are all from people who own or are buying their own home (NRMA is all about insurance, after all!) but the deep feelings and experiences that a safe and secure home can bring will ring true for everyone I think.

My three favourites are the videos embedded in this post but scoot along to the site to watch the six in the series.

And then ask yourself….what’s home for me?

Written by guest blogger, Moya Sayer-Jones.

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