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Bonnie Support Services

A team approach

In an organisation like Bonnie’s, you don’t really know how the day is going to unfold. You can have your checklist ready to go and a plan for the day, however, the term ‘be ready for anything’ is a motto needed to go by.

Staff at Bonnie’s are always on the go, supporting clients and networking with the community. It is easy to get swept up with the hustle and bustle of it all, continuously being there for our clients and ensuring they are receiving the best support.

Being part of the Domestic Violence Response Enhancement (DVRE) team means that we are at the forefront of crisis support, supporting women who are ready to leave a toxic relationship at any given point. The support provided by the DVRE team extends from moving belongings from their current house to setting up a new home.

But there comes a time when a woman entering the service may need extensive support – more support than what only one team member can offer. This is where Bonnie’s shows the true meaning of teamwork. A few weeks back, the DVRE team needed to move a woman and her children out of their rental property and place their belongings in storage. It’s safe to say that the family had an extensive amount of items, and Bonnie’s had two days to get their belongings into storage. Staff members from all teams at Bonnie’s came to help and worked hand-in-hand to pack all the family’s belongings. From the bathroom to the kitchen and straight through to the bedroom, Bonnie’s staff assisted the family with packing everything and even dismantling their bed frames.

It was wonderful to see everyone working together with such gusto.    

This is just one scenario where the true spirit of teamwork has been displayed at Bonnie’s. In a world that is always busy, always remember to reach out and support your team members. Great things can happen with teamwork.

Written by Mayssa, Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash


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