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Adequate housing is a basic human right

One woman recently stood up to her landlord and her win in court is likely to set a legal ruling that tenants have the right to expect their home is maintained in good repair, even when it is originally rented out in poor condition.

It has to change. We have to be treated like humans.

Vicki Shields

Vicki Shields is a disability pensioner. Her rental had holes in the walls, rats, flooding and mould.

I remember when I was looking for housing myself and how competitive and expensive it was.

Some of the houses I looked at were not fit for any human or animal to live in.

I felt angry and so despondent because I knew this was purely landlords taking advantage of people who were desperate and had no other choice.

We hope this ruling has not just set a precedent for Victoria but for the whole of Australia.

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Vicki Shields

Written by Marryanne

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