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Behaviour change app for men

Bonnie’s works with women and children who have experienced violence and abuse. However there are many organisations that work with male perpetrators of domestic violence.

Some programs aimed at changing the violent behaviour of men toward their partners are having significant success. According to research by Monash University and Violence Free families, 65 per cent of men report that they are ‘violence free’ or almost violence free two years after taking part in a behaviour change program.

But getting into a program can take up to six months, and most of the men who front up are at the extreme end of the spectrum. Many have entered the judicial system and have been court-mandated to attend.

In an attempt to address the void in early intervention services for men at risk of abusing their partners, Melbourne University researchers have developed a new app that uses self-reflection to catch men’s violent behaviour before it escalates or becomes entrenched.

Read the article below to find out more about how e-Mate, which will be tested later this year, will work to motivate behaviour change. It’s an insightful read and highlights the need to work with men, as well as women, to stop the violence.

Read about e-Mate here.

Written by Sandra


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