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Bonnie Support Services

Birds of Hope

Face to Face Creative Space is back!

Ruth, my co-facilitator and I are so excited that after 2 hard years of trying to run this group during COVID lockdowns and restrictions we can finally be in each others  physical presence again. 

The Creative Space is a program that focuses on the healing nature of art and creativity for the women who have been at Bonnie’s. This is where we can really connect as women, and get out of our ‘client-social worker’ relationship, while also making beautiful and creative things.

During Covid-19 we delivered these crafty activities to people’s doors, then connected via whatsapp and phone calls. But it was difficult for many reasons, as the women we worked with spent a lot of time isolating with their families and had extra obligations like homeschooling. Kids couldn’t see their friends, and Mum’s were unable to see their extended family, therefore missing out on extra support. 

But now we’re back! And the group is excited to finally be together. So far, we’ve held two sessions and the women have all expressed to me how happy they are and said to me, how much they “missed having a space to create, relax and connect.” 

Women sitting together can be very powerful and healing. 

Little Birds of Hope

The theme for the next 6 weeks is Birds of Hope. Birds are often symbols of hope and healing across cultures and also have a spiritual significance so we thought it perfect for our first time coming together after being apart for so long – back into the ‘Creative Space Nest’. 

We also chose birds because within our sessions we hope to identify the importance of ‘letting go’ of any burdens these women have been experiencing in the last two years. 

Because to be a bird is to be lighter and more free, like the women who are now safe and free from domestic violence.


Images supplied and Blog by Community Worker and Creative Space co-facilitator, Alison.




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