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Bonnie Support Services

Bonnie’s creative group

For the past two years, on Tuesday mornings, the cozy and light-filled lounge room at Bonnie’s has been transformed into an art studio, where women have been coming together to create, connect and heal (not to mention talk, laugh and cry!).

Our Creative Group is facilitated by myself and Ruth, from Rosebank Child Sexual Abuse Service. It runs each school term for eight weeks. These days, it’s essentially a drop-in space where women can come and get creative when it works for them.

Child care is also provided. Art Psychotherapy is a passion of mine and it’s been a joy watching the women’s creativity re-emerge. Creativity is truly a gift to oneself and once harnessed can open doors to authenticity in all areas of life.

The space can be a little frantic at first as we literally weave our way through women, sewing machines, fabric, paint and the very hot glue gun! There is usually a flurry of activity before the women begin to settle down and focus on their creative tasks.

We usually have tranquil music playing which evokes a feeling of peace and harmony in the space.

Ruth and I have observed the women rapidly tap into and express their uniqueness. Collectively, they have an amazing range of skills and the diversity of cultures provides such a richness.

We often hear women say things like “I used to love drawing”, or “I remember my grandmother teaching me to sew”.

We have two sewing machines, one of which was kindly donated, and Bonnie’s staff and clients will often drop off amazing bits of fabric, lace and leather, which is always exciting.

The group has a therapeutic element – the women spend time centering themselves, being present and acknowledging feelings.

They may be at different stages in their journeys. Some are beginning to feel alive and back in control of their lives again. Others may feel stuck in survival mode, unsure how to thaw out and deal with their feelings of pain, grief and hopelessness.

They support each other.

Healing is a creative process.

Written by Alison

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