Bonnie Support Services

Bonnie Support Services

Bonnie’s new Aboriginal mural

Back when we finished our new offices and interview rooms, we planned to frost the glass walls. But then we thought: Why not do something creative?

Here was an opportunity to show Aboriginal woman and children that they are welcome here, and to add beauty to function. We wanted something that would reflect our space – warm, friendly, comfortable and creative.

I spoke to contemporary Aboriginal artist Danielle Mate Sullivan about having a cross cultural workshop. She had many ideas, and in the end we decided on workshops and a mural that could be fixed to our glass walls where the frosting would have been.

The workshop was a wonderful way for a group of women – workers and clients – to create something together. Everyone loved the experience, and found their artist within.

We are so happy with the result. It was more than we could have hoped for. The beautiful piece was launched by a great group of women; it was a joyful celebration led by Aunty Mae Robinson’s warm Welcome to Country.

Thanks to Sistas for Sistas, Danielle, Aunty Mae, and everyone who participated in the creation and launch of the mural – it really brightens our day, every day.

By Tracy Phillips, Executive Officer

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