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Bonnie Support Services

Bring on 2021 – we’re ready!

Hi everyone, I’m Ciara and next year I’ll be stepping into a new role as Team Leader here at Bonnie’s. I’m excited, and of course a little bit nervous too. It’s a role that’s new to me (and I definitely have big shoes to fill!) but after two years working here and feeling the power of our work, I’m ready willing and able!

As we all know, 2020 has presented many challenges and our staff have been amazing. I’ve watched as our team adapted to the new and demanding requirements and continued to give unwavering support to clients and families who needed us. It has been so great to see how everything and everyone have adapted despite the difficulties.  While many services had to limit the amount of support they provided during COVID-19, this did not apply to us and many other frontline workers. Even through a pandemic, domestic violence does not stop and neither do we. That in itself was extremely eye opening around just how important our job really is.

Of course, all of us who work at Bonnie’s have our own children, families and loved ones. We have our own stresses about our own lives and during COVID, this put a new and heavy strain on everyone. It made the new circumstances even more challenging but I’m pleased to say, we rose to it.  I am extremely proud to be part of such a strong and resilient team who managed to still carry the care for the women and children we work with. Everyone at Bonnie’s really did dig deep!

Overall, this year has been a time of reflection and evaluation that has left me admiring Bonnie’s holistic approach and the creative things the team came up with to keep connected and useful  to some of our most isolated clients. We have found new ways of working and most importantly have been able to spread the message that we are still here and still operating.

2020 had a successful partnership with Women’s Legal Service, we entered our second year of a Reconciliation Action Plan and received very positive feedback from a DVRE evaluation We got over our own personal anxieties to successfully work together through so many new situations and managed an increase in referrals throughout the year.

Bring on 2021. We’re ready! I might be biased but I thoroughly believe that Bonnie Support Services have once again shown they are the strong, dynamic and leading women’s service of the South West Sydney LGA.

On behalf of all the staff, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a lovely New Year and better times ahead.

Written by Ciara

Read our story-based Annual Report to read more about how our teams and Bonnie’s shone through 2020.

Image by miawicks9 from Pixabay

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