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Bonnie Support Services

Building happiness in spite of difficulties…

While working with my clients at Bonnie’s, I realize the importance of building good relationships especially for migrant woman.

When these women find they are victims of domestic violence, they don’t have too many options to look at for help. They don’t have friends or family or jobs. They don’t have the relationships that others have. They are alone.

In these times of difficulties, their journey become tough. How will a woman with not local work experience find a job to provide a safe place for her children?

The Professor Gillian Triggs, President of the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) states that migrant and refugee women are frequently excluded from full economic participation in Australian society. And this is not even mentioning the other difficulties, such as fear or language barriers.

Working at Bonnie’s though, I can see a hope. We can’t give jobs exactly but we can we support woman to develop skills and get back into the education process. We build a sense of safety and a home. Another important thing we do here at Bonnie’s is to create a network of new relationships.

One way we do this is with fun activities such as art and craft, like what we did for a recent Halloween party. At these sessions, I have seen women who can barely understand each other, coordinating themselves to go together to the next event. To make more fun.

This for me is hope. Bonnie’s gives them the chance to find ‘home’ and encourage each other on their journey through a supportive network..

To meet the challenges these women face, we need specific, targeted approaches that recognise the multi-dimensional ways in which migrant and refugee women are subject to disadvantage. We need to ensure that migrant and refugee women have a voice in the community and can participate across all levels of work and community.

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Written by Jackeline

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