Bonnie Support Services

Bonnie Support Services

Bunnings helps to build better futures 

A recent call from Jodie of Bunnings at Villawood was another reminder of the generosity of the community we work in.  Jodie had raised funds and was making up toiletry bags for women who arrive at Bonnie’s and may be without the basics most of us take for granted.

This personal donation from Jodie was accompanied by a magnificent offer of help from Bunnings as well.  She arrived at Bonnie’s one day with her co-worker Darna and they came bearing many useful goods, including a lawn mower. We’ve been wanting a mower for a long time because while many of our transitional properties have yards to mow, paying someone to do it is pretty costly. Now the women will be able to use the mower and do it themselves.

Jodie and Darna surprised us again a few weeks later with power drills and toolkits for the women. In a miracle of synchronicity, the women had their heads down learning how to change tap washers as part of a DIY course at the time!

Their generosity, like that of other people and businesses that have featured in some of our other news stories, is important in so many ways.  Practically, this means Bonnie’s can use funds in other ways to provide additional, much needed  support.

Equally valuable is that it reminds all of us who work in this area that there are many in the community who are supporting our cause and who want to improve the situation of women and children who experience domestic violence. And who are without a place to live.

Thank you Bunnings from both the staff and the women and children who use the service.

Above: Jodie and Darna from Bunnings at Villawood.

Written by Tracy Phillips, Bonnie’s EO

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