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Donations Deliver Happiness to Everyone

Recently a family who were moving to Queensland arrived at our doors to donate some of their kids toys and baby goods. During the visit, the father said he was a barber and he would be happy to donate haircuts to the children. A family took up his offer. The father came back to donate again and thanked me for allowing him to cut the children’s hair. He was truly moved by the experience and really enjoyed his time with the family. This was such a moving conversation for me. I could feel his appreciation and emotions.

During my time here at Bonnie’s, I’ve always been amazed at people’s generosity. People donate raffle prizes they have won. Just last week a man donated a hamper he had won in a raffle, he preferred to donate it than keep it and on another occasion a couple donated a giant Easter egg they had won in a raffle. Fairfield Council donated their left over food from meetings. Children donated their excess Easter Eggs. Often our old clients donate because they wish to give back after everything Bonnie’s has done for them. One young women cooked frozen meals and another went out and purchased toasters, kettles and kitchen ware just for Bonnie’s. Retired women knit jumpers, and knit and crochet blankets, scarves and beanies.

I read this article that spoke about the amazing benefits of donating, and thought to myself,

‘You know what? This is so true! Everyone benefits from donations, not only the receiver but the giver, too!’

I was amazed to read in the article that donating activates the reward center in your brain but was not surprised to read it makes people happy. Of course it does! I reflected on the barber who received so much from haircuts he gave us. It made him super happy.  

The couple who donated the giant Easter Egg were so excited to bring the egg to Bonnie’s, you could see it in their faces. I have found whilst being the donation coordinator here that people donate over and over again. I believe this is because it feels so good and brings happiness all round.

I know I feel good when I donate and everyone at Bonnie’s loves to see the generosity of people who give. It makes us feel happy. We love to welcome people to Bonnie’s and share the stories behind their donations. When you contact Bonnie’s about donations, I am the person you will speak to.


Blog by Sandra


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