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Bonnie Support Services

End of the Year at Bonnie’s

As the end of the year arrives, Bonnie’s team have been working harder than elves in a Santa’s factory, to ensure it is a festive season for all of the women and children who access our service.

There is a lightness and a buzz in the air at Bonnie’s as we gratefully receive and busily sort through the many donations that we have received for the women and children. So many generous benefactors have gifted items. We are truly humbled and our hearts are filled with joy as we prepare to distribute these offerings!

We are also preparing for our annual Christmas Party, which is normally a huge event of merriment for staff, mums, carers and their children! This year will be no exception. Santa is already polishing her boots and trimming her beard in anticipation of the great event, and we look forward to seeing the delight in the faces of women and children when they arrive and see all of the food, gifts and fun games that will be waiting for them!

It is truly a privilege to work for a service where every day we have the opportunity to provide a non-violent, peaceful, respectful, happy environment and experiences for the women and children who come to Bonnie’s. Many survivors of domestic and family violence, and women and children who are experiencing homelessness, are very used to enduring the exact opposite of what we offer: terror, violence, the anticipation of violence and being subjected to extreme control. By providing the opposite of abuse – love in action – we have the opportunity to provide a healing environment for our the women and children who come to us. Every one of our staff steps up to this opportunity, every single day, and particularly at this festive time of the year.

We look forward to sharing some of our celebratory photos with you on our Bonnie’s Facebook page and thank YOU for your support this year. It is thanks to the support and generosity of people in the public, and our funding providers, that we are able to pay forward this love and support to our beautiful clients.

May your end of year be a happy one, and your new year be a safe and prosperous one.

Written by Catherine


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