Bonnie Support Services

Bonnie Support Services

Finding refuge at work

I came to Bonnie’s as a temp having been retrenched.  I thought I only needed work but the universe taught me otherwise, that I needed the refuge of Bonnie’s too and how wonderful Bonnie’s is at supporting all who walk through its doors.

Many who have been retrenched will know the ‘your job no longer exists, pack up and go’ experience.  You are blindsided, shocked and if handled poorly as mine was, suddenly cut off by your work colleagues.  So I left, bruised and bewildered and with a sense of powerlessness.

So I walk into Bonnie’s on the first day, waiting to start, and I am staring at the beautiful woman in the Bonnie’s poster holding the sign “You are not powerless”.  Wow, just when I was feeling the opposite.  Then I was welcomed by the friendly, warm, positive women that work here.  Amazing. They didn’t know me or my situation but they treated me with respect straight up. Every day here has been healing and rebuilt my faith in work being a positive experience and that warmth, humour, fun and commitment are the hallmarks of a great team.

So thank you to Bonnie’s wonderful staff for providing refuge to me and to the universe for leading me here.


Written by Kathy


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