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First we Marched, now we Huddle!

While living in a multicultural area can be enriching and lively, it can also be isolating for many women. Language can often be a barrier to establishing new relationships and friendships.

Here at Bonnie’s, we noticed that in our local area of Liverpool, women needed more supported opportunities to get together and get to know each other – space to feel comfortable and to make friends. So we decided to create a Huddle for women in the Liverpool area, which we have called Coffee Hour!

The Huddle is an offshoot of the global Women’s Marches that took place on January 21 2017, as a protest against bigotry, misogyny and discrimination. More than 10,000 women marched in Sydney and an estimated five million worldwide.

Huddles are aimed at bringing women together in their own communities to have conversations about issues that affect their wellbeing and safety. Globally there are many Huddles and you can start your own. Check out this toolkit for guidelines.

We held our first Coffee Hour last month at the Casanova Café on Macquarie St in Liverpool. There were seven women, one baby, three different language groups (Arabic, English, Spanish), coffee, cake and conversation.

As it was the first one, we didn’t have any expectations but the mood was relaxed and welcoming. The women said they appreciated the opportunity to connect with other women from their area, as well as chatting to staff from Bonnie’s and the Liverpool Women’s Resource Centre without having to make an appointment. One woman said she would invite her neighbour for next time and the other attendees were keen to come back to next month’s huddle.  

We hope, through word of mouth, our local Liverpool Huddle will grow into a vibrant and enduring women’s community.

Coffee Hour will take place every third Thursday of the month from 10:00 am to 11:00 am at the Casanova Café and the coffee is on us! Come early for the coffee and stay later for the conversation.

Contact Bonnies and ask for The Huddle for more information 9729 0939. We hope to see you there.

Written by Jackeline




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