Bonnie Support Services

Bonnie Support Services

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I had been studying Community Services at NSI institute and it was coming up to student placement time. After calling many services I was able to gain a position at Bonnies Support Services. I was feeling anxious, nervous and afraid of what lay ahead, but I shouldn’t have been, the staff at Bonnie’s are wonderful people who have taught me so much.

When I started my placement, I only had what I had learnt at TAFE and information I had learnt over time. I always knew I wanted to work with women and children who had experienced domestic violence, but I did not realise the full extent till I started my placement. At Bonnie’s I was able to see the effects that domestic violence caused from the immediate crisis situation, to the women who had survived and for the most part were now living a happy, healthy life.

Whilst shadowing the workers I was able to see first hand how to interact with clients, the support that clients needed and how to set boundaries with clients. I could feel the raw emotion from clients and the compassion from staff. I have never seen a more dedicated team of workers, who will do anything for their clients, and selflessly devote extra hours to ensure that clients’ needs are being met.

The girls at Bonnie’s taught me everything, from answering the phones, to supporting clients at court. The family workers have involved me in all aspects of working life at Bonnie’s and for that I will always be grateful.

By Leah

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