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Bonnie Support Services

Homelessness Week 2016: Helping Highlights

Last week was Homelessness Week. Here are five things that stood out and reminded us that there’s always something you can do to help – no matter the time of year.

  1. Going to Homelessness Week events: There were a bunch of these all over the country with a huge range of activities. You might have seen the girls from Bonnie’s at Western Sydney HOMELESS Connect 2016, or in sleeping bags at Nite Under the Stars.
  1. Donating skills: This guy in London (see above) is using skills and tools he already has to help those in need. His backpack is full of hairdressing tools, so he is always ready to give a free haircut.
  1. Innovative social enterprise: Here’s a wonderful idea from New York – mobile showers for the homeless.  (Imagine if these guys teamed up with Orange Sky Laundry!)
  1. Uncovering the hidden homeless: This year there was a big push to encourage people to write their suburb as ‘none’ on the census form if they have no regular place to stay, even if currently couch surfing, staying with friends or family or in temporary accommodation.
  1. Hear: Maybe all you can do is listen to people who have been, or still are, there. Hearing these stories can help to change the public perception of homelessness, and raise awareness of the issues people are facing.

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By guest blogger Alinta

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