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Join us and make a promise to yourself

Mental Health Australia is doing something very exciting with their campaign for Mental Health Month this year. On their website they have a Promise Wall where people can post a promise to themselves to do one thing better for their mental health.

Every promise made on this wall has the potential to change a life….The simple act of making a mental health promise to ourselves can help us reach our goal of a mentally healthy society.
As I write this there are over 10,000 promises on the wall. They’re really interesting to read, in fact it’s hard to stop yourself clicking on an image to read ‘just one more’ reflection. Together these commitments make a powerful reminder that we are ALL trying to get and stay well. You’ll read things like…

(I’ll) keep working on being mindful and meditating daily – you know it makes the world of difference!
(I’ll) celebrate the good days and not dwell on the bad days.
(I’ll) be kinder to myself and allow my limitations.
(I’ll) find more me time.
(I’ll) ask for help when I need it.

Organisations are promising on the wall too. At Bonnie’s we always promote healthy mental health and we have made our promise that,

“We will value your mind, and we will welcome your story.”

Jump on the website to see what other people have written and then join us by posting a promise of your own on the wall too.

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