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Las Hijas de Violencia singing against harassment

Street harassment is a real problem for women, making them feel unsafe in public places.
For these young Mexican women, the answer is…confetti and microphones!

In Mexico City, street harassment is rampant and the usual response is to ignore it. Las Hijas de Violencia – a five woman punk group/ performance art collective – have started doing the complete opposite, shooting a confetti gun at the person, and then singing their song, ‘Sexista Machista’. It’s very literal, and basically says: ‘You just harassed me, I’m singing this because you just harassed me.’

Part punk song, part performance art, part activism, Las Hijas bring them all together in a surprising and entertaining way.

We recommend you have fun with it, so you’re not left feeling violated from what happened, and you’re able to move on and still have a great day.

The response to their song is usually surprise or embarrassment, as the harasser is not used to being held accountable in public, even in a playful way.

Las Hijas have found a way to respond that makes them feel like they have choices. While they hope that other women can take inspiration from them, they don’t think this is a universal solution.

We certainly don’t think we are going to change the world. But we sure know that we’ve changed ours.

It’s great to see women all over the world are finding colourful, energetic responses to serious problems.

By guest blogger Alinta

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