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Let’s talk sexual consent

Sexual consent is something that’s not usually discussed in our everyday conversations with friends, family and co-workers. Is it because we assume that everyone understands what it means or is it because the conversation makes us feel uncomfortable and awkward?

Sexual consent is such an important matter and it needs to be talked about openly. It is not something we should be silent about and it is not something we should feel uncomfortable or awkward about. We all need to be heard and understood. Every sexual act requires consent even if it is something as simple as a kiss.

At Bonnie’s we believe the easiest way to work out if a person gives consent is to simply ASK THE QUESTION. This then eliminates the uncertainty of guessing, assuming and trying to interpret signals. It’s even more important to ask if your partner seems hesitant or uncomfortable. You can even ask twice!

As human beings, we all need to feel safe. If just asking the question can avoid emotional distress why wouldn’t we ask it? Below is a great animated video that compares asking about sexual consent to asking if someone wants a cup of tea. It is lots of fun and it reminds us that we shouldn’t assume a thing!

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