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Mimosa Kids Space: Just getting better and better

Bonnie’s recently had the pleasure of revealing our new ‘Kids Space’ at one of the refuges.

The existing children’s space was run down and lacked the ‘warmth’ that is at the centre of all we’re trying to do here at Bonnie’s. We wanted a welcoming and appealing homely space for the mothers and children to start their new journey to safety.

It was actually a converted garage so there was a lot we could improve and in our revamp we wanted to improve accessibility for people with a disability and also for Mums with strollers.

We wanted a space that felt homely: where the kids could play, to do homework and be cared for…

The walls and ceiling were gyprocked and painted, insulation was installed, vinyl flooring was replaced and the floor was raised so that there was no step down. Roller doors were covered up and the lighting was taken up a notch. It went from being a quite desolate space to a cosy space where things can happen.  It took 6 weeks of hard work for it to be transformed.

On 14 September Mimosa Kids Space launch was held. We celebrated with an afternoon tea and a children’s activity. The red ribbon displaying the new room was cut by a young person who was very excited and eager to get a chance to use the space… especially the newly installed computers!

Many of our staff attended along with some of the current and previous families who are part of our service. It was a great afternoon with some yummy cakes and sandwiches prepared by our Domestic Officer Mary. Also an enjoyable money box making activity was run by our Child and Youth Worker Marryanne.

Since this beautiful, new space has opened it has encouraged the women and children to play together in a safe and friendly environment. The mothers can hang out for chats over a cuppa or spend time using the computer facilities. The kids can play or do their schoolwork. 

None of this would have happened without our Executive Officer’s submission (thanks Tracy) and the hard working builders but special thanks and acknowledgement must go to Community Building Partnership.

Community Building Partnership has provided the funds for many infrastructure projects but we are grateful that Bonnie’s is now a recipient.

The kid’s space will be used and appreciated for a long time to come.

Written by Niamh

The space before the revamp.

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