Bonnie Support Services

Bonnie Support Services

More than the sum of our scars

Driving home under the quiet sky,  

A song drifts through the radio’s soft sigh.  

A voice, tender from the north,  

Spoke of scars and their worth.

“We are more than the sum of our scars,” she said,  

A simple truth, profound and widespread.  

Her words, like a gentle embrace,  

Echoed the faces in my sacred space.

At Bonnie’s, where hope and resilience meet,  

Our clients arrive, seeking respite. 

Their scars are stories of battles endured,  

From shadowed pasts to futures secured.

Homelessness, abuse, the grip of despair,  

Yet here they stand, souls stripped bare.  

Not merely survivors of cold, dark nights,  

But warriors seeking new heights.

Each day we offer a steadying hand,  

Guiding them gently to understand  

That life can be kind, and love can heal  

In a community where care is real.

Seeing them thrive is our greatest reward,  

A testament to the strength they’ve stored.  

For we are all more than the fragments of our past,  

Together, in healing, our spirits recast.

—Sue, Community Worker at Bonnie’s

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