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Mother’s day surprise

When you are a mum with young kids, Mother’s day is usually the day that you look forward to receiving homemade gifts from your children. Ones that they have made at school, and/or maybe a little gift they have bought from the mother’s day stall. But this year due to the health pandemic, lots of mothers will miss out on this tradition.

At Bonnie’s, we have a lot of special people that provide us with donations to give to the women and children. Whether it be Easter, Mother‘s Day, or Christmas, these caring people will make sure that the women at Bonnie’s do not miss out.

Yesterday a few of us sat around our lunch table, stamping bags and sorting gifts to give to the women with us at the moment. It’s such a wholesome experience. I imagined the air of surprise that these mothers would have when given the gifts. And the slight quiver of anticipation as they opened them. A few more donations came in as we were wrapping, which just added to our excitement already in the air.

One of these special people, Jodie from Bunnings, had gone above and beyond this time. Not only had she made donations to our clients but she had also made a little something for the staff at Bonnie’s who are mums. I felt something in that moment – a warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart and such gratefulness for people out there who care about others.

These small actions speak a thousand words.

Written by Leah, Photo by Jhon David on Unsplash

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