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My favourite day so far

Amanda, manager of Liverpool Women’s Health Centre

A few weeks ago, the team at Bonnie’s were asked if they would like to organise something for National Reconciliation Week. I had an idea of asking an Aboriginal elder from our local area to take us on a walk and teach us about the local flora and fauna.

It was wonderful when we found out that the manager of our partner organisation, Liverpool Women’s Health Centre, is of Aboriginal descent and was also once a National Parks & Wildlife Service Ranger for a period of 10 years, educating people about places of natural, cultural and historic significance.

On the day, staff and clients from BSSL all met at the Casula Powerhouse Museum along with the local Aboriginal groups in the area, to be educated by the amazing Amanda, an expert in the local flora and fauna of the area.

This day was full of surprises.

I learnt about native plants that can be eaten. l learnt about why it’s important to keep the land healthy, and I learnt about the unhealthy state it’s currently in. I learnt how long it takes for a nook in a tree to become a home for wildlife – approximately 200 years – and that this is why you can often find small wooden boxes in trees – the older trees have been cleared, and the younger trees do not have the nooks necessary to protect small native wildlife.

Only approximately 6% of the natural habitat still remains in the local area – which is why it’s so important that we plant local native species in our gardens.

I’m excited about the possibility of going a little further afield next time and seeing much healthier flora and fauna.

To finish off our day, we had a lovely lunch at the Casual Powerhouse.

This was my favourite day at work so far for the year.

Written by Marryanne,

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