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My Mornings are Mine

This blog was written in reflection on our Happiness Is… campaign. A series of illustrations that celebrate  the seemingly ‘small’ but powerful moments women experience when they are free from domestic violence. Read Program Manager An’s, Happiness Is… moment below:

Every morning, I’m always rushing.

I wake up around 6am, usually to a toddler’s foot on my face or a baby kick to my stomach. When it’s cold he snuggles up to me and our wakeup is gentle and soft. He’s sensitive to the sound of life outside, so I lay patiently for a few minutes before he stirs. I notice the aches in my back and envy his relaxed sprawl across the bed – I wish I could sleep a bit more. 

Then with the noise of a bus stopping outside or a loud conversation from a passerby, he wakes and we’re up.

It’s milk, potty, medicine, puffer, and clothes. Rushing, rushing, rushing, until we sit down for breakfast. Breakfast slows us down, but I am still rushing, wiping tables, knees and cheeks. I pull him out of his high chair and its shoes on, jacket and off to childcare. Big kiss goodbye and I’m off.

I usually have the key in the office door around 10am and so I begin my work day, alongside my wonderful colleagues (who are all here already by 9). I’m met with smiles and I wonder what their mornings have been like. Do they rush as much as me? 

The thing about a morning routine is that it’s unique to you. You are in charge of your own morning, whether you wake up early and do yoga or press snooze on your alarm clock 5 times. Your morning is yours.

But for women living with domestic violence this isn’t the case. Their routine often revolves around their partners. 

When these women come to Bonnie’s, we tell them they are free to do whatever they want. They tell us this new found freedom feels strange but quickly turns into something special and powerful for them and their children alone. This is empowerment in its everyday form. 

Even though I am rushed everyday, my mornings are mine. It’s mine, my partners and our baby’s special ritual and it’s sacred. It’s my Happiness Is… moment! 


What is your Happiness Is… moment?


We worked with @onlyhuman.stories and @tennyson.sidney nobel to create the series based on heard moments with our clients and others who came into contact with our service. 


Blog by An Le, Program Manager at Bonnie’s.

Image via Canva and Illustrations supplied by

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