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Bonnie Support Services

Nite Under the Stars

Imagine not having a warm bed to sleep in this winter…

…or your family not having a roof over their heads. It can be easy to forget that homelessness could affect any one of us.

That’s why Bonnie’s took part in Nite Under The Stars, a campaign to raise awareness of homelessness among residents, businesses and organisations in Fairfield and Liverpool.

post-NightStars-2On August 5th we were at St Luke’s Anglican Church in Liverpool from 6pm – 6am, and WOW what a cold but successful night. There was a great line up of performances, live auctions, presentations and other entertainment that kept us busy all night and influenced us to donate all our loose pocket change.

The turnout was incredible, and it was admirable to see others taking time to work on creating communal change and raising awareness. It gave us the opportunity for self-reflection, to think about how homelessness could affect our friends, peers, loved ones or ourselves.

I volunteered my time to represent our service, and I will not sugar coat it: that night was a cold sensation I had never experienced before. To be honest words cannot explain how cold every bone in my body was that night as no layer of clothes could keep us warm.

But it was only ONE night that we chose to experience as rough sleepers, nothing compared to the endless nights so many are forced to face. The night was a great eye opener.

Donations raised go towards food vouchers and travel cards to be distributed to homeless hubs throughout Liverpool and Fairfield.

post-NightStars-3For further information or to make a donation please access our Everyday Heroes page as every cent counts.

By Carolina

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