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Nite Under the Stars

“At the last Census collection 2226 people were identified as being homeless in Fairfield whilst 1058 people in Liverpool were similarly recognized. That’s almost 3500 people in the area, experiencing homelessness.’’

Change is something that can occur when people with the same idea work together to make it happen. This is why Bonnie’s and other services in the community are joining forces again to raise awareness and funds to support the ever-growing homelessness population.

This year will be our 4th Nite Under the Stars event and in previous years what an event it has been! I had the privilege of attending the last two Nite Under the Stars held in Fairfield and Liverpool. The event gave the opportunity for all to experience a night of homelessness. We slept under the stars in the cold weather of August, to bring our communities issue of homelessness to the forefront. And wow! What an eye-opening moment for me!

The cold itself was something you could somewhat handle with the distraction of friends and coworkers around you but what of those who have to do this on their own? What of those who have no support, no distractions, only their own thoughts in the cold and freezing winter weather? What of those who don’t have funds for a blanket, a sleeping bag, a jacket or even a feed? Nite Under the Stars aims to alleviate the financial strain placed on people experiencing homelessness.

A collective effort goes a long way!

Previous years funds raised were able to assist single women and men, young people and families with: food, clothes, transport costs to make appointments and essential everyday living items that people like me take for granted.

In order for this year’s Nite Under the Stars to be a success, we need your help to promote the event and come along to take part.

Please join us at our Nite Under the Stars on Friday the 10th August 2018 at the Whitlam Leisure Centre, 90 Memorial Avenue, Liverpool. The community event starts at 6 pm with the sleep out continuing until 6 am Saturday, August 11th 2018.


Experience what it’s like to sleep rough! Nominate yourself or sponsor a work colleague, friend or relative to sleep out.

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We hope to see you there for an epic night where together we aim to make a difference!

Written by Carolina


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