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Bonnie Support Services

One woman’s journey

I never thought that when starting a family worker’s role at Bonnie’s I would find myself feeling so grateful for being part of so many women’s journeys.

The process of working with clients to set goals on paper is one thing. But to see these goals transcend paper and become a reality is something that we sometimes miss as workers due to the nature of our fast-paced work.

One woman, in particular, came to Bonnie’s last year under very difficult circumstances. She was escaping domestic violence with her three children. She arrived at our office with only a handful of clothes, no form of income or savings, no stable accommodation along with a range of other barriers. I became her family worker and together we were able to successfully address all of the above and more.

Looking over her case plans today, I realised how much she has accomplished with just a little support along the way.

Today this woman has successfully moved into a private rental, has ongoing work, successfully applied for her citizenship and is coming to the end of her support period with Bonnie’s. The confidence I see in her now is something I find extremely rewarding and hope to continue witnessing.

She has taught me that with strength, determination and resilience you can accomplish anything and for that, I am truly grateful.

Written by Natasha, Photo by Abbie Bernet on Unsplash

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