Bonnie Support Services

Bonnie Support Services

One woman’s story

On the 14th November 2014 I made the decision to leave the relationship I was currently in due to ongoing domestic violence. I left with my son who was at the time eight years old in hope of starting a new life.

I tried to find accommodation with my brother but due certain circumstances this could not happen. I then made the decision to move to Sydney from Newcastle but had no accommodation options at this stage. For three weeks we lived in a motel until I phoned Link2Home for assistance and they then referred me to Bonnie Support Services.

I got in contact with Bonnie Support Services early December 2014 and was accepted for accommodation at their crisis refuge.

The first day at Bonnie Support Services I felt I was finally safe and this itself was a great accomplishment. At Bonnie Support Services both my son and I were assisted with food, toiletries and clothes as we did not have many things with us. At this stage my son was given a back pack with pjs, stationary and colouring books to entertain himself with. As a mother I could see my son was very pleased with this but even more so with leaving everything behind us and finally starting fresh.

Since being at Bonnie Support Services I feel I have been given a large range of support with things such as housing, my sons education, financial assistance with such things as uniforms as well as workshops where I could learn new things and focus on myself. Bonnie Support Services has supported me as a client and family unit in the crisis refuge and now as a client and family unit in a transitional property.

Bonnie Support Services aims at making clients feel that they are part of something and through simple activities such as BBQ days where we have been able to meet other families going through the same things, I can honestly say I have felt part of something. Bonnie Support Services have been there for us through days such as Christmas, birthdays and Mother’s Day helping us and other families with presents but also not forgetting these days even if we don’t remind them.

I feel that as a client belonging to Bonnie Support Services I can pick up the phone whenever it is needed to call for help with anything and everything, even if my family worker is not available at the time.

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