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Our Bonnie’s Clan

I am leaving Bonnie’s for a year to have a baby. While working on my handover, I remembered the time I left a few years back to have my son. My water broke early, and I had to stay in hospital for almost 3 weeks. Lying on the hospital bed in a gown without any make-up on, my colleagues slowly arrived by my side.

After we were all crowded together in a small space, I briefed everyone on what they had to do without me. It was at this moment that I got a warm feeling. I knew then I was part of a little Bonnie’s clan where our great work could continue no matter who was here.

Soon I will say goodbye to everyone again to have another baby. But it never really feels like I’m leaving. I always know that warm feeling will be there when I’m back. At Bonnie’s, we tell our clients: “our doors are always open for you when you need our support”. When we practice this, our colleagues know it’s the same for them. They know they can leave and always return, picking up as things were before.

So, when a colleague leaves for a new job, we are happy for them. We are happy because they are women with choices and the choice to choose. We know they’ve made this decision because it’s best for them and their family.

“Women have been fighting for a long time to have this right of choice. Many of our clients haven’t had such freedom. They may feel guilty for leaving a violent relationship or face the trauma of having their every move controlled. At Bonnie’s we empower women with the choice to do what’s best for them.”

For those who work here, no one needs to feel guilty about finding a new job. Or that they need to stick it out. Because we know their passion for the work is always there. Some even choose to return to Bonnie’s after a while! They slot back in like they never left. We pick up from before and catch up on what’s been happening. Oh, how we love those stories over the lunch table! Just like when someone leaves for a trip full of excitement. It feels good to go but good to be back too. And there are so many stories to share!

Choices are powerful and the women at Bonnie’s know that. To be part of this clan means we share a common purpose of creating safety for the women we work with. And, to provide them with freedom of choice. This is what we practice every day, no matter who you are. It makes me glad to be here and glad to continue the work when I return.

Written by An Le.

Image via Canva.

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