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Bonnie Support Services

Reaching Out

In my outreach work at the Liverpool Women’s Health Centre, I often find myself feeling like I am reaching across a void to the women who contact me and they are reaching across back to me.

While on the phone, their voices are low in volume. Often they are calling in secret at a bus stop, park, in another room or time-limited as they find a safe place to discuss their worries, away from their partners or family members.

In these calls, we are in a space where there is no judgment, just empowerment through the different options available and the recognition of this woman’s savviness, care for her children and hope for a better life in safety.

There are a range of questions generally asked, from what are my options if I leave to can I apply for an ADVO without my partner knowing? There are no questions that are taboo and no decisions that need to be made right away.

In a time where people are feeling more isolated and alone than ever, I feel privileged in being able to provide a safe space where women can connect and have some reprieve from the outside world.

If you would like an appointment or know someone who would like one, call 9729 0939. Appointments are available by phone for either 10am or 2pm on Monday, Thursday and Friday. 

Written by Jen, Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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