Bonnie Support Services

Bonnie Support Services

Reclaiming the home

When Covid hit this year, Bonnie’s staff had to come up with some creative ways to physically distance. One of these ways was to use the office in one of our crisis homes. While spending more time in the home, ideas emerged about how to create an improved living space. We involved the women in making the changes and having a say in beautifying their home. This is what we did.

To start, the whole house had a fresh coat of paint thanks to the volunteers at Habitat for Humanity. We then set up an outdoor umbrella in the backyard so that the women and children could play and relax with some shade. Indoor and outdoor plants were brought in to brighten up the space, adding much-loved greenery and nature to the house.

New fridges were upgraded to give more space to the women to store more fresh food. We bought new furniture and rearranged the living space in the kitchen and lounge room. And we’ve already had some positive feedback – the other day in the kitchen area, one of the women came up to me and told me she liked the space to cook and eat. Not only is she cooking, but she’s also now able to have her kids around the table for dinner.

Artwork created by the women in the Creative Space was gifted to the house. And an Aboriginal worker at Bonnie’s created some Aboriginal paintings, especially for the home. All the pieces have added colour and creativity to the environment.

The playroom is filled with new toys, computers and books for children to enjoy. We’ve also organised activities over the school holidays for the children in the house. These include cooking, art and craft, all run by our Child and Youth Worker.

Together we have created a welcoming, safe and a more homely place for the women and children to share and enjoy. I’m feeling proud.

Written by Nguyen, Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

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