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I first came to Bonnie’s as a student and one of the things I love about working here is the emphasis on learning. I have never worked for an organisation that encourages self-development like Bonnies does.

Not only am I learning something new from my colleagues every day but I am encouraged to attend as much training as I can to deepen and broaden my knowledge in the field.

Bonnie’s recognises the importance of all staff being trained in a range of areas. In community services work, we can all benefit from learning how to respond appropriately, efficiently and effectively to clients in crisis or who have experienced trauma. We may be the first point of contact for someone in distress who needs immediate assistance, whether or not we have formal qualifications in counselling.

Trauma-Informed Care and Accidental Counsellor are just two of the trainings that have been delivered to Bonnie’s staff in recent months. Others include CIMS Foundations, Trauma and Addictions, Child Protection, Case Management, Self-Care, Mental Health, How Trauma can Impact Children’s Development, Money Minded and Aboriginal Mental Health.

Recently myself and three co-workers attended a workshop, run by the NSW Health Education Centre Against Violence, on how to respond practically to people experiencing domestic violence.

The training, which was delivered by facilitators from health and child protection, focused on terminology and definitions, how we recognise signs of domestic violence and how we respond.

But what made the training so valuable was the range of different experiences that were shared by workers from a variety of backgrounds, including RSPCA, Tenancy Services, Early Intervention and Counselling. It was a room full of knowledge and I particularly enjoyed hearing firsthand how other workers respond to different situations.

It made me realise how blessed I am to work an organisation that values its staff and supports their development.


Written by Leah

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