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Bonnie Support Services

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a difference!

Imagine having to leave your home because you didn’t feel safe. Imagine if you and your children had to get out as quickly as possible and leave EVERYTHING behind. You know material possessions are not your priority, physical safety is paramount. So you say goodbye to all your personal belongings, your clothes and furniture.

This is exactly what many of the women and children face when they arrive at Bonnie’s. They come with nothing. On arrival, we can provide some basic items including toiletries and other essentials but being a non-profit organization, we have to rely on donations to do more. And to create the best beginning, we know we need to do more.

Hotsprings is an Australian company that is helping us to provide families with beautiful clothing to own and keep. And we thought we’d like to thank them here and tell you about the amazing impact of their generosity.
The staff had heard about the scared, vulnerable families that we work with and the company decided they wanted to do something to help. They are as passionate as we are in making a difference.

One of our staff volunteers and goes to Hotsprings to collect the clothes and transport it back to our office. The staff take time out to arrange everything by age, size and gender so we can distribute it easily to our families.

It means so much to the Mums and kids and it makes us so happy that we can provide something to in some way replace what they have had to sacrifice to begin their journey to safety.

I have seen women in tears, overcome with gratitude which has often brought me to tears too. By working together with Hotsprings in this meaningful way we can make a real difference to the immediate wellbeing of these women and children who are our most vulnerable.



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Written by Niamh.

If your company would like to work with us to improve opportunities for the women and children in our refuge and outreach services, please call Bonnie’s on 02 9729 0939


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