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How would it benefit any of us? It doesn’t. We’re telling the story because we can’t hold it inside anymore.

Kathy McKee

Famous American actor Bill Cosby is currently facing multiple charges of sexual abuse and rape committed against women over decades. We found a link on Destroy the Joint to this story about the women who accuse him. They found the strength to speak out with the support of each other and their stories are now making a difference to many other women around the world.

Stories are very powerful when we tell them. Breaking the secret means breaking the shame and it’s often the first step towards breaking a cycle of abuse. Our stories reveal so much about us: not just about what has been done to us but about our strengths, personal qualities and our values too.

Often when women and their children come to Bonnie’s they are telling their stories for the first time. They can only do this because they feel safe and understood.

Our family and tenancy workers guide women to identify their strengths in their stories and use them to see possibilities, create change and find a new story.

Read the full story: Cosby: The Women

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