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The Bleeding Tree – Theatre Review

The Bleeding Tree is a play by Angus Cerini. I saw it last night at the Griffin Theatre after rushing to get there after work. It’s a tale of poetic justice that shows women taking the law into their own hands and a town that finally steps up to the plate. I thoroughly enjoyed this irreverently funny take on domestic violence and the community’s response.

The play brings up big issues and it brought big questions for me.

Why do people not come to help you when they know you and your family are being abused?

Why do the women of this family have to go to such extreme lengths to protect themselves from their abuser?

post-BleedingTree2I am not one to condone taking the law into your own hands, but I see how one can break and never return to one’s normal self after years of abuse. I can see the despair that these women face with seemingly no way out, or no one offering help to them.

Actors Paula Arundell, Airlie Dodds and Shari Sebbens are flawless and I had a tear in my eye when Paula Arundell stands up to the “half postie/half copper” and tells him how it has been for her, and how they did nothing to help.

Without giving away too much I love ‘Blue’ the dog’s revenge.

I cheered and cried for these women’s bravery.

The Bleeding Tree is on at the Griffin Theatre until the 5th of September. Monday night rush tickets are only $20.

Griffin Theatre

Written by Marryanne

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