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The breath

One valuable resource inherent to all of us is our breath.

Breathing deeply allows us to release stress, become calmer and feel more energised. However, it’s easy to forget to breathe deeply. Particularly when our nervous system has dealt with more than what seems fair for any one person. Or when thoughts are racing with a seemingly endless to-do list.

Consciously slowing our breath and giving ourselves a few seconds to feel our breath’s movement, can be a miracle soothing balm when the waves of life’s changes threaten to overwhelm us.

Make the time – take the time – to think about your breath NOW.

Feel your breath enter deep into your belly.

Take your time.

And then let it flow out again.

Do this a few times.

Notice how you feel.

Do more of it.

Keep reminding yourself every day to just BREATHE and pretty soon, you’ll find that taking a few
deep breaths when circumstances challenge you, becomes your default anchoring power. It’s a
technique that can stabilise you, regardless of what’s happening outside of your body.

Sometimes our breath is all we have left when in the midst of chaos.

Treasure this life-giving force. Make it work for you!

Written by Catherine who is a social worker/project worker at Bonnie’s and thoroughly loves the camaraderie and passion for social justice of the Bonnie’s team. And dogs. She loves dogs.

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