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The feeling of happiness

Happiness can feel elusive at times, especially when we face challenges in our lives. However, we can consciously work to create more happiness in our lives.

The two main pathways to happiness are pleasure and meaning. While genetics contributes (some people are just born more resilient, or easy-going), much of our individual happiness comes down to what we choose to do in our daily lives – our behaviour or activities.

Studies have also shown a link between kindness and happiness. So if you’re feeling down in the dumps, perhaps a random act of kindness is just the pick-up you need!

As humans, we experience a variety of emotions on a daily basis, and often we feel a lack of control over these emotions (like the sun rising and setting). Some emotions may hang around for a while, leading to longer periods of contentment, sadness or excitement, for example.

Happiness may look and feel different for different people. Bonnie’s staff have said the following things make them happy: family, friends, nature, surfing, hiking, completing tasks, food, sunshine, dandelions, shopping, good conversations, people being proactive and music.

What makes you happy, might not make me feel the same way. The important thing is that you recognise what does make you happy, and create space for it in your life. As long as we are mindful of our choices, happiness can be created and maintained, even during challenging times in our lives.

Some tips to cultivating happiness:

– Spend 20 minutes outside in good weather

– Exercise

– Spend time with friends or family

– Be engaged in employment or volunteering

– Start a task or activity you can successfully complete


Written by Alison M

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