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The Power of Community


Communication leads to community… to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.
– Rollo May

I came across this wonderfully refreshing article showing how communities can work together to solve a problem: in this case, a high rate of DV in the Tiwi Islands.

The small community of Wurrimiyanga in the Northern Territory has shown that by taking action and responsibility as a whole, they can foster change and work towards a happier more peaceful community for all.

I was particularly touched by the decision of the local footy team to create an action plan to address domestic violence. The Tiwi Bombers know they are role models for young people. Each player makes a pledge against violence and any player who is involved in domestic violence is banned from playing in their team until they seek counselling and are violence free.

To have men speaking out and advocating for all women and children and to know that the majority of the community is on board must contribute towards healing for the victims.

Wurrimiyanga may be a tiny Community but they send as huge message to us all. We all have a voice and we can use it to inform and be part of real collective change in many parts of our live. For example, this community is working together to improve their mental health too. You can watch it here. (It’s fabulous!)

Bravo Wurrimiyanga!

Written by Alison 

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