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We all need laughter

‘If you don’t laugh, you will cry.’ This is something I probably repeat to myself on a daily basis.

I’m lucky to share my office with two people who I can laugh and joke with very comfortably. They see me on my good days and my bad days. Sometimes, on a difficult day, a simple joke can turn things around and lighten the whole mood. Laughter is so important to our wellbeing.

Humour in the work place creates positive vibes and the energy to carry you through the difficult times.

Humour also connects us to others. The sound of laughter, or a triumphant ‘Woo hoo!’ coming from another room, triggers a response in our brains. Before we know it, we’re walking away from our desks to see what is going on. We want to be part of it.

Humour can be such a stress buster, eliminating tension, creating motivation and building friendships. It supports a safe space and can do wonders for team morale. One of my fondest memories is of a baby shower we held for one of the Bonnie’s team – a balloon fight broke out amid fits of laughter. The merriment was contagious.

I enjoy having a laugh with all the women I work with, both colleagues and clients. There is nothing like humour to break down the barriers between people. We are all human and we all experience good times and bad.

There are times for laughter and times for tears. Being able to share both can be very healing.

Written by Zual

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