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Bonnie Support Services

We must do more

Shockingly, last week in Australia, three women and two children were murdered in so-named “domestic” circumstances.

The murder of a woman and her 7 year old grandson at Lalor Park, by the son and uncle of the two; the murder of two Queensland women, in separate incidents by their former partners and finally the murder of a 6 year old girl, allegedly by her father have again highlighted the terrible and growing incidence of domestic violence in Australia and have outraged the community.

In recent years the number of domestic violence related deaths has increased and the financial cost to the community is astronomical.

Bonnie’s and other domestic violence services are in high demand, daily we have to say “no” to women and children seeking accommodation, because we are full. Too often, too late we hear about women who have sought help and refuge but it has not been available… the demand has again outweighed the availability of safe beds… and again women’s lives have been taken. There are many services out there like Bonnie’s, working hard to support women and children, to assist them before the situation becomes as serious and dangerous as it did in the cases mentioned above… but unfortunately it is still not enough.

Read the ABC News story here.

The breakdown of some of the data:

Written by Tracy.

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