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What are you grateful for?

Recently I was struck by a 6-year-olds answer to the question, what are you grateful for?

The response was simple yet took me by surprise, “I am grateful for my warm bed to sleep in”. When I asked her why, she responded, “not everyone has a bed to sleep in’.

There is much more awareness at schools these days regarding the number of people impacted by homelessness. Schools take part in sandwich making for night runs and toiletry drives.

When the school community come together for a toiletry drive, each class is requested to bring a particular item to donate such as toothpaste. But sometimes a child’s awareness on the matter means that just taking in toothpaste is not enough.

So not only did the 6-year old bring in the requested toothpaste but also a whole bag of goodies – combs, face-wipes, pad/tampons, creams, files, toothbrushes, toothpaste – to donate to those who don’t have a warm bed to sleep in.

This child is one of the lucky ones; she hasn’t experienced being homeless or witnessed domestic violence at home.

It makes me wonder, what are the children in Bonnie’s grateful for? We know the mothers are grateful for the support, for the accommodation, for the safe place we have provided for them and their children – free from violence. But what do the children appreciate?

And what are you grateful for?

Written by Leah Hoskin

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