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Bonnie Support Services

When she talks to you about the violence…

GPs are a crucial part of a woman’s journey to safety.  As a ‘first port of call’ they are able to identify a woman who may be experiencing DV and support her to get expert help.

But it’s not always easy to ‘talk about DV’ or know where to look for signs.

This video was created by the Australian Medical Association of New South Wales as a resource to doctors.  It features advice from Dr Deborah Bateson from the Family Planning NSW and Helen Campbell  from the Women’s Legal Services NSW.  It’s definitely worth watching whether we are doctors or not!


These are three main takeaways for every doctor to know:

  1. Look beyond the presenting issue
  1.  Listen without judgement and validate the woman’s experience
  1. Ensure the woman’s immediate safety while referring to expert help like Bonnie’s


If you are a GP in this area and would like to know about Bonnie’s or how we can work together, please call us on (02) 9729 0939.

We encourage the GPs to have access to our cards/ brochures /wallet size cards in the waiting room or in the consultation room so you can hand them to your patients.


by Nguyen

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