Bonnie Support Services

Bonnie Support Services

Women supporting women

One year ago I decided to take some time off to be with my children. I’ve worked all of my adult life, through all of my pregnancies and while raising my babies. But it was now time to have a year off to dedicate to my family. I was lucky enough to be able to take this time thanks to the support of my partner, and with some savings in the bank.

And I loved every minute of it.

The year passed and it was time for me to get back into the workforce. I applied for a job at Bonnies and was successful in joining the team, which I was grateful for.

I’ve only been at Bonnies for 2 months, however I’ve found the working environment to be very supportive. Not only towards the women and children that Bonnie’sa assists but also towards the women that work at Bonnie’s. They are the very fabric that hold the place together; working in partnership, sharing roles and responsibilities, and ensuring the women and children get the best assistance possible.

I wanted to ease my way back into the workforce so I was looking for a part-time job. Bonnies offered me the possibility to job share so I could work three days per week. This suited me and my family life very well. Not many workplaces offer job-sharing options so I was lucky that this is something that Bonnies embraces and provides for working women.

In the initial weeks of working at Bonnies, COVID-19 hit and I was left with my children being at home from school. I thought I was going to have to leave my job, but once again Bonnies worked out options for me so that I could keep working and also be there for my children.

Bonnies exist to serve women and their children, supporting them to lead the best lives they can.

It is so wonderful to see an organisation that wholeheartedly embraces this through every aspect of its practice, from the very women and children it supports to the women that work there.

The way I see it is women supporting women on all levels.

Written by Alison, photo by 

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