Bonnie Support Services

Bonnie Support Services

Working Together

Stepping into Bonnie’s for my placement, I felt a whirlwind of feelings. I was buzzing with excitement – this was my final placement, the one where I’d show all I’ve learned. But with new beginnings come those jittery nerves. I knew this experience would be unlike any other. Still, I’m the type to focus on the bright side. Dwelling on doubts doesn’t do my confidence any good. And as I dove into Bonnie’s ethos, I realised our values clicked in more ways than one.

In my initial weeks, quick meet-and-greets with the team were golden. It broke the ice, helping me figure out who did what. The team’s warm, open vibe meant I could shadow anyone, with permission of course. And everyone was so forthcoming, urging me to reach out if I ever felt stuck. Still, I treaded carefully, conscious about not crossing any lines.

Day by day, I witnessed the magic of teamwork. If someone needed a hand, there was always another reaching out. I recall a ride with a colleague to assist a client. Her words, “that’s how we work, there is teamwork”, stuck with me. And it wasn’t just talk. From meetings to group activities and even packing food hampers for clients, the spirit of collaboration was alive and thriving.

I was moved seeing local stakeholders drop by with donations. It showed me the community’s belief in Bonnie’s mission. Attending various events and expos underlined the team’s dedication. They were always on the lookout for services that could better serve women and children in distress. Catching up with the Executive Officer, I learned about the funding landscape. It reminded me of challenges I faced in my homeland where rallying support was a communal effort.

But the highlight? Seeing a client’s life transform thanks to Bonnie’s support. Her simple “Thank you for the great support” spoke volumes. It reinforced my belief that organisations thrive on mutual respect and collective effort.

Reflecting on my time at Bonnie’s, it’s clear that my personal value of aiding others mirrors the essence of Bonnie’s – collaboration. It’s more than just a word. It’s about unity, respect, advocating for the vulnerable, brainstorming ideas, and building partnerships. It’s about making a positive impact. While change demands hard work and guts, the Bonnie’s crew never stops striving for a world where women and children feel safe and cherished.



Budding Social Worker