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Bonnie Support Services

Works of love

Carmel from Clancy College and Sue, a Community Worker at Bonnie’s with some of the crocheted items

Carmel and a small group of ladies from Clancy College make beanies, scarves and blankets for the women and children at Bonnie’s. Sometimes they leave little messages of love with the items to inspire the person who receives them. It makes for a colourful and heart-warming sight to see the kids at Bonnie’s, running around with their beanies on their heads and scarves tied around their necks.

The school does a lot in the area of social justice. They crochet rugs, beanies and scarves and send them to four different organisations. Bonnie’s is one of those organisations.

“The first time I went to Bonnie’s, I was astounded that all the staff and women appeared on the steps to thank me and to take a photo. I was amazed at how grateful they were. It was very special.” Carmel, student-parent liaison officer at Clancy College. 

There’s a few women from Clancy College that do the crocheting. And there’s a Sister in Rockhampton who is 91 years old, who makes some of the squares for the blankets. She then sends them down to the school and the women at Clancy College put them together. 

“I give a lot of my time. Time to listen and help. If I can give, I will give.” Carmel, student-parent liaison officer at Clancy College
There’s also a mum who does a lot of crocheting. This mum has had a very difficult life and Clancy College offers support to her and her daughter. This mum received help from another organisation when she needed it the most and now she wants to give back to the community. This is her way of giving back.

She makes the bulk of the crochet items that Clancy College gives away. “I don’t know where she finds the time to do so but I think it’s quite therapeutic for her. Last year she made about 100 beanies. She regularly asks, ‘Are these going to mothers and children?’ Yes they are. ‘And do they get to keep them when they leave Bonnie’s?’ Yes they do.

What she likes best is that they’re receiving new items, rather than second hand. And best of all they’re handmade, made with love.” Says Carmel.

Written by Celine from an audio interview with Carmel

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