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Would you get arrested to fight homelessness?

I’m always on the look out for cool, creative and heartfelt community responses to social problems. There are actually a lot of them about!

So I thought you might like to read more about this unconventional community response to homelessness in the USA. Called Tiny Houses, these small, one room ‘houses’ are mobile and are being built by concerned citizens all over the USA. Of course, there are many problems attached to this idea, not least that it is against the law.

A group in Denver, Denver Homeless Out Loud, embraced the small-home approach in October 2015, with five houses. They built them on vacant land knowing they were contravening a whole host of building regulations and zoning requirements. Ten people who were responsible for the construction and co-ordination of this new tiny house community, were promptly arrested by police.

post-homelessness-4If you read this story, you’ll see Tiny House communities are still an imperfect solution on many fronts but it’s inspiring to read about it too.

And it reminds me that solutions would come fast and thick if we see the community as partners and use their energy, ideas, passion and compassion to find new ways to make a difference to the homeless.

Written by guest blogger Moya Sayer-Jones

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