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Bonnie Support Services

When enough is enough

The Domestic Violence Resource Centre in Victoria has a fantastic Stories section on its website. Read this story from Jane who finally decided that she would not give her abusive partner one more chance to change his violent behaviours. Her story is a good reminder of how difficult that decision can be to make and to hold onto…. But how life can improve so much once it is made.

This is an inspiring story for women in the same situation and would be an excellent read if you are supporting someone who is trying to leave.

I grabbed my box of photo albums, a garbage bag of clothes for the children and myself, and took my dog, which had been a loyal friend for many years, and we left… I was a little scared of the future, but not like I had been every day for the last five years. The eggshells I had been treading on were gone, my children could cry and I didn’t have to shush them. I was determined to turn my life around.

Jane’s story


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