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You are not powerless

See the Triumph is an American website that shares resources, research and personal stories about how women can move from abusive relationships and build happy, successful lives. Guest bloggers share their own experiences and insights. They describe strategies that have worked to help them (and others) overcome their abuse and the stigma related to it.

There’s so many useful resources here including sections about Teen Dating, Safety and Technology and Parenting Toward Nonviolence.

The website is the result of research studies with survivors of past abusive intimate relationships who have been out of any abusive situations for at least two years. These studies were conducted by Dr. Christine Murray at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Dr. Allison Crowe at East Carolina University.

See the Triumph addresses all forms of intimate partner violence, including intimate partner sexual assault, violence perpetrated by males and females in heterosexual relationships, and violence within same-sex relationships.

Go and check it out. It’s a positive step in creating a better conversation that portrays women not as victims, but as triumphant, courageous and resourceful.

Suggested by Liz.

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